Engage with your customers via their Inbox

Believe it or not, even in the social era, email marketing is still a very successful marketing opportunity. 

If you have a large (or even a not so large!) email database that you are not using (or even worse- no email database) then you are literally leaving money on the table every single day, with every single previous, current or potential customer you have. 

Put Value in the Inbox! Invest time into creating valuable content that people will gain value from each time you email them. Whether you are adding value by entertaining, educating, inspiring or encouraging, you will be continuing to position yourself as an expert, solve people's problems, increase their connection with you and stay top of mind. 

People consume information differently as well, so an email allows you to present information in written, visual and embedded video format, so your audience are able to absorb the information in a variety of ways. 

Email also gives you a unique way to follow up with connections after trade events, promotions, giveaways etc so that you are able to fully maximise your exposure and marketing opportunity from these types of activity. 

Honestly the opportunity with email marketing is massive- so if you need to talk about the best way to utilise or create your database, please reach out to us today. 

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