Strategy to grow and prosper your business...

To have successful results in your marketing, planning needs to take place beforehand. We have several options for marketing strategy services that range from entry level to comprehensive.
There is no denying that a lot of money is wasted in advertising and results are less effective when a business is not working from a plan- there needs to be clarity on who the target market is, where these people are and what content should be put in front of them. When marketing is executed without fully understanding this and when there is no cohesion between marketing efforts (i.e online/offline integration) then the results can be disappointing.

We offer a range of services that are mainly bespoke. So please reach out to discuss further what you are looking for. 

We do have a basic package at a fixed price on offer: 

2 hour Mini Marketing Session - $187.00
This is perfect for a small business / solo-preneur who wants to get some clarity on the direction of their marketing.

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