An expert plan, you can easily implement...

If you find creating content fairly easy or enjoying managing your own social media but struggle to think what to post ALL THE TIME, then this product could be perfect for you! We do all the THINKING for you with a tailored social media planning calendar designed specifically for YOUR business. There is no "off the shelf" model here- each month is carefully created for YOUR business.

We drip feed the calendars to you over the period that you have ordered them for because we believe it is a much better way to ensure they are accurate when you come to use them. For example, who could have predicted COVID19- so if you had a calendar created for you last September for 12 months, there would be no allowances made for this massive, world wide pandemic and you would be left with months of your social media calendar that is no longer relevant to the environment you are operating in. 

You can choose a period for your social media calendars that suits you – from 3, 6 or 12 months. Your calendars will come with a Hashtag swipe file for optimisation on Instagram (if you are using that platform) as well as recommendations for which posts could receive ad spend on them. 

Success comes from the things you do consistently and social media needs consistency and good content to really work for you. So let our calendar take the time, guess work and thinking out of social media for you. Order your TAILORED, PERSONALISED, BESPOKE social media planning calendar today!

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